Toward & Loch Striven Memorial Hall

Registered Scottish Charity No. SC028438



Last updated 02/01/2016




Toward & Loch Striven Memorial Hall was contructed as a memorial to those members of Toward and Loch Striven who gave their lives in both World Wars. More details can be found on the History page.


It serves as a games hall but is well suited to host other functions such as dances, birthday parties, wedding receptions etc.


Currently the Hall is undergoing maintenance and kitchen facilities are unavailable. However if you are interested in hiring this hall for a single event or for use as a regular venue for club activities please contact us using the bookings email link on the Contact Us page.

Our Charter/Constitution:


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Latest News




The disbaled ramp is almost complate. We are just waiting for the concrete to fully set so that the handrail can be attached.


Main water is now available within the Hall.


This years Craft Fair will be held on the 23rd October.


Practice mats for the short bowls have been obtained and 2 new 45 foot mats have been ordered.



Contact links for committee office bearers and bookings can be found on the Contact Us page.


Please see our Facebook page for day to day updates.